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Did you know: About 17% of construction customers have a competitive edge. They're tapping the power of technology to better manage their costs, machines, jobs and people.

Are you an equipment master? Curious to see what you'd gain from smart equipment management? Answer 8 questions to get a personalized report filled with ways to unlock value from your operations.

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Equipment Management. It Matters.

Forget about filling out spreadsheets. Technologies already built into Cat® construction equipment can automatically feed you critical information about your machines:

  • How much fuel they're burning
  • When they need service and parts
  • If operators are running them properly
  • Where equipment is located, 24/7

Combine this data with easy-to-use EMSolutions tools from your dealer, and you'll see why it pays to know your fleet.

Which of the following best describes how you record information about your equipment performance? (Select the best answer.)

Which of the following might prevent you from using more data in your business? (Select all that apply.)

Which of the following best describes your current equipment maintenance practices? (Select the best answer.)

Please rank these 4 business areas based on where you feel technology brings the most value. (Rank in order from 1 to 4 with 1 being most valuable. Drag and drop statements to reorder them.)

  1. Equipment management (tracking, monitoring, maintenance, etc.)
  2. Jobsite management
  3. Operator monitoring
  4. Project cost estimating and tracking

Many factors can impact the working life of your equipment. Please rate the amount of impact you feel each of these factors has on the working life of your equipment. (Select 1 answer per factor.)

Performing scheduled maintenance
Tracking and investigating machine alerts
Preventive maintenance
Fluid sampling and analysis
Repairing components before they fail
Operator technique/performance
Unscheduled downtime
Condition monitoring
(fluid, analysis, inspections, electronic data)

Please answer each question "yes" or "no" as it relates to your business. Do you…

  Yes No
Monitor the health of your equipment on a regular basis?
Have a process or system in place to optimize machine availability?
Have dedicated preventive maintenance equipment and tooling?
Handle used oil and lubricants efficiently and responsibly?
Have a system in place to track your productivity and utilization?
Optimize maintenance and repair options?
Know the location of your equipment at all times?
Know for sure that your equipment is never used outside of the established work schedule?

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements. (Select 1 answer per statement.)

Disagree Slightly
Agree Completely
Over the long term, I make more money if I keep running a machine rather than pull it off the job for maintenance.
I know the owning and operating cost for each of my machines.
I think my costs are about the same as my peers.
Equipment management directly impacts my profitability.
I would do more preventive maintenance if I could keep scheduling and cost completely under my control.
I would consider contracting/outsourcing higher level maintenance services.
Monitoring equipment health is worth it to avoid the cost of failures.
I rent machines with new technology as a low-cost way to try new technology.

Read the list provided below and identify your top 3 business challenges. (Select up to 3 answers.)

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